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Natalie Andrewson, Wildberries and Oak, part of her Senior Thesis // Ringling College

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Artist on Tumblr

Macssime Simon | on Tumblr (b.1977, France)

Macssime Simon is a self-taught artist working and living in Mans, France. After a year and a half of study at Fine Arts school of Le Mans, he decided to stop the academic training. Since 2006, he started to create with a clear vision: from destruction to contruction, he draws, erases, sticks, scratches, rips it up… and restart. It was only until recently that he starts showcasing his work.

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Artist on tumblr - FalcaoLucas  is an illustration project created by Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas, two designers/ musicians/ illustrators from Portugal who also happen to be a married couple.

We have several works published in various newspapers, as well as advertising work for various companies. Our inspiration comes from music and the emotions it conveys.

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Finger Paintings by by Lukasz Wodynski

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